About me

Aleena LE

Sexuality is a powerful force in my life. I never feel more alive, or more vulnerable, than when I am being overwhelmed by my senses in sexual abandon. I created this website as a space to explore my sexuality, its boundaries and its depths.This site is an expression of my desires and fantasies. There are no hidden webmasters; I run this site myself and produce all of the content exclusively for aleenele.com. I choose the locations and I choose the outfits. This is a record of my sexual journey and I want to share it with you.

One day I met a boy who I love and who, very fortunately for me, had a nice hobby – photography! No need to say how quickly we became model and photographer… We realized that both of us are fond of active sports and sporty style of life – we travel a lot, we catch adventures, we like to wonder and make wondering others! We take a lot of pictures, and now video 🙂 and we like to share them with other people, as I am a nudist and naturist I believe people should not make secret from their bodies… This is my own site, created to show my style of life and our photography with NO artificial rules and restrictions – and I will make it full of surprises and pleasant adventures for you! But I promise to share my happiness, carelessness and smile with you. No fake emotions, no flashing plastic glamour or unnatural expressions – even on the most explicit and erotic pictures and videos!


So let me share with you what I have!

© 2017 by Aleena LE

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